Friday, June 25, 2010

Enough is Enough

"Support the troops" from the mouths of politicians in Washington is code for don't question what they're doing.

The only appropriate way to honor and support our troops is to bring them home today - not next week, not next year, but today. It's hard to remember why they were sent originally, and at this point the reasons for staying have almost nothing to do with the reason for sending them in the first place. We need to stop wasting their lives and their honor on a pointless war that will soon bankrupt our nation morally and financially.

Our leaders in Washington aren't concerned about our nation's honor. They are only concerned about their own hides. They don't want to bring our troops home because the questions that follow are what did you accomplish and why didn't you bring them home years ago? So instead they falsely appeal to patriotism, a War on Terror, or protecting the American People, because if they admit they're wasting time and have no clue what they're doing they know they will quickly be shown the door. This is sick and selfish, and the American People should demand better from their leaders. They should demand virtue and courage from their leaders. Not just the courage to send Americans to fight and kill and die, but the courage to admit that it's time to stop the fighting and killing and dying.

Bringing our men and women home is the best thing for America and the American People. Whether it's good for anyone in Washington, I just don't care.

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